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30 September 2022

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Big Ya usually very low-key, words are not much, angry into such a thing must not be a trivial matter. Zhang Caixuan asked, "What's wrong with Gu Jia?"? You speak slowly. Daya said angrily, "their family took advantage of the situation.". He borrowed a hundred catties of grain, but in fact it was only ninety catties. He had to pay it back before the Chinese New Year. If he didn't, he had to take the land and the house to pay for it. Zhang Caixuan is really surprised this time, this is not "usury", asked, "the village head let him do this?" "The village chief wouldn't let me, but Mr. Gu came out and said it." "It's all your wish, and the village head can't control it.". Food is not free, as long as the appropriate "thank you gift" can be moved away. Zhang Caixuan slightly frowned, Gu's grain should not be thousands of catties, if all people go to borrow, there is no way. Big Ya eye socket is red, path, "host, I also went to borrow 300 jins, I am afraid late, did not have." Zhang Caixuan agreed,digital interactive whiteboard, "There may be no place to borrow in the future." Gu Jia is willing to lend a helping hand, although the price is a little high, there are still many people willing to borrow. The three thousand catties of grain taken out were all gone in one afternoon. With this three thousand catties, half of the people in the village don't have to worry about being conscripted. Speaking of it, Gu Jia did a good thing. Even with such a high profit, many people are grateful. That night, the little white and little black outside Zhang Caixuan's house only called a few times occasionally, which was much better than the night. It can be seen that the number of people wandering outside their home should be less than half. Zhang Caixuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. After daybreak,classroom interactive whiteboard, the Yamen and the officers and soldiers took these people and the taxes and grain away. They should be able to stop for a long time. Qin Su Lin they have not come back for two months, do not know when to come back at the right time and place. The author has something to say: It's tomorrow night, and I have something to do in the morning. Chapter 204 return journey. That night, in the middle of the night, there were still people making noise at the door, so loud that Zhang Caixuan could hear them. This is also a matter of no way. It was not easy for someone to come up with food, and of course these people did not want to give up. Previously, no one wanted to go to the Gu family to ask for help, but the Gu family was too alienated from the villagers on weekdays, and no one had gone yet. It was only later that Chang Tsai-hsuan learned that the Gu family had not taken the initiative to take out the grain. The first person to go was Tigress Niang. She offered to write a contract. The contract was written for one hundred catties, but she only took ninety catties of grain. After Gu Qi told Gu Yuejing, she reluctantly agreed. Tigress was a kind-hearted woman, and all those who had a good relationship with her got the news, so soon there was a big circle of people around the door of Gu's house. However, even if Gu Jia was rich, 75 inch smart board ,interactive boards for classrooms, he only took out three thousand catties of grain in the end. If the villagers want to pester again, Gu's family will let the dog go. The dog was even more imposing than Zhang Caixuan's Xiaobai. It was fed smoothly and looked strong. It kept howling and looking at the people outside. Gu Qi could hardly grasp the rope with his hands. Look at that, it seems that I want to rush up and tear people. Faced with such a dog, the villagers can only give up if they are not reconciled. Many people resigned to go back to discuss the candidates to leave, and throughout the day there were occasional voices of women cursing and crying loudly for mercy, as well as angry elders scolding. When Zhang Caixuan heard this, she couldn't tell what it was like. This is also a matter of no way. Fortunately, with Gu Jia, the number of people who were thinking about Zhang Caixuan and Baoqin was much less in an instant, almost gone, and she was able to relax for a day. On the third day, Zhang Caixuan went to the village without the scorching sun and put him in the old doctor's home. If there were anyone in the village worthy of her trust, Baoqin and the old doctor should be the most reassuring to her. The entrance of the village was crowded with people early in the morning, the atmosphere was dull, and from time to time there was a woman's low sob. The man carrying the bundle on the side was not very good-looking, and he would be jealous of his brothers and sisters-in-law. Even secretly blame the parents, for the old mother's earnest advice does not agree, obviously not just strange, this is hate. Zhang Caixuan and Baoqin stood in the corner, trying to reduce their sense of existence. As a matter of fact, no one paid any attention to them at all. Although they avoided seeing them, we all know the situation now. Chang Tsai-hsuan and Bao-chin don't necessarily have much food at home. When they can't borrow food, avoiding seeing them is the best way to save face for everyone. Besides, people are nervous at this time, and they won't pay attention to them at all. The time of the official's arrival was almost the same as the last time, and he was as serious as ever. When he saw that the pile of grain on the field looked better than it had at the beginning, the two leaders said in a deep voice, "Where is the village head of Qingshan Village?" The village chief's face twisted for a moment. As soon as they came in, he went up to meet them. Without identifying himself, these people should all know that he was the village chief. Besides, these people were clearly the ones who had come three days ago, and it was impossible not to recognize him. The reason for asking again now was probably that they wanted to be businesslike and had no intention of catching up. Village chief complexion is not good, but the movement that comes forward is not slow, slightly bow, tone is respectful, "Xiaomin is here, small general has a word to just order." The man took one look at him and said indifferently, "It's getting late. We can't afford to delay. We have to go back to reply. You weigh the grain and load it into the carriage first. As for those who haven't handed in the grain.." He glanced at the people in the crowd who were carrying bundles and looked ugly. "You take the account book and check the accounts with the master we brought. If you pay half of it, you will pay one person. If you don't pay at all, you will pay two people.". If there are no men in the family, they need to hand in 20 sets of clothes for middle-aged men every month. There was a commotion in the crowd, but they didn't say this before, like Daya's family and Yang Xuaner, and they didn't tell them the consequences of not paying taxes and grain at the beginning. Did not expect simple and crude, twenty sets a month, simply have to stay up late to drive out, and they did not say who came out of the cloth. Not to mention the cloth, there is no time to farm,4k smart board, only a vicious circle. After you can't pay the food, you have to do the clothes. After you do the clothes, you don't have time to plant the land. You completely become a woman who makes clothes for the soldiers. hsdsmartboard.com

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